Why gdpr360?

About us

We’re a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and legal specialists, privacy experts, specialists in business operations, procurement and contract management as well as highly experienced IT and enterprise architects

Our only business is privacy, GDPR (and the new UK Data Protection Bill when it makes its way into law after October 2017)

Why us?

We provide your organisation with

  • a comprehensive view of your GDPR exposure
  • a clear view of your remediation activities and necessary activities
  • implementation capabilities to ensure that remediation is effective and relevant to you
  • a governance approach to evaluate, direct and monitor delivery

Anything else?

We interact regularly with the ICO, the Article 29 Working Party and have a patent pending on a software component that assess and articulates your financial and criminal risk quantification and ensures that the appropriate  information is available for clearer decision-making

Any more?

Yes, we’d like to show you the benefits from adopting our method starting with a GDPR Readiness Review which provides a GDPR ‘MOT’ very quickly, a focussed data audit which, amongst other things, identifies personal data, lawful processing of this (or not!), plus other required GDPR documentation including notifications and finally on to the critical rights and associated workflows

I'm interested in the following:
Certified GDPR Training
GDPR Briefings
GDPR Readiness Review
GDPR Data and Purpose Review and Remediation
GDPR Notifications Review and Remediation
GDPR Data Subject Rights Review and Remediation
EPA - Financial and Criminal Risk Quantification
Partnering with gdpr360 as a reseller or white-labelling gdpr360 services
other ...