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  • Human bias and discrimination in AI systems 25/06/2019
    Blogger post: As part of our AI auditing framework blog series, Reuben Binns, our Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Valeria Gallo, Technology Policy adviser, look at how AI can play a part in maintaining or amplifying human biases and discrimination.
  • Blog: Supporting people accessing their data from the police 25/06/2019
    Anyone in the UK has the legal right to find out what information is held about them by organisations and ask for a copy free of charge within one calendar month. This is known as a subject access request (SAR).
  • ICO fines telecoms company EE Limited for sending unlawful text messages 24/06/2019
    The ICO has fined telecoms company EE Limited £100,000  for sending over 2.5 million direct marketing messages to its customers, without consent. The messages, sent in early 2018, encouraged customers to access and use the ‘My EE’ app to manage their account and also to upgrade their phone; a…
  • Statement on Eurofins Scientific 21/06/2019
    Statement from ICO Deputy Commissioner for Operations, James Dipple-Johnstone.