Our training and briefings are delivered by data protection and privacy specialists that includes lawyers who have extensive experience in court as well as other privacy experts who have proven experience in helping organisations understand, plan and deliver on their GDPR challenges

We’ve seen a lot of misinformation in the public domain on what GDPR is and how to approach managing your obligations

Our briefings and awareness service provides you with information on how to address your privacy and GDPR challenges effectively and is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and legal specialists, privacy experts, specialists in business operations, procurement and contract management as well as experienced IT and enterprise architects

Contact us to hear more about our executive briefings, awareness sessions and panel representation and discussions can help you

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Certified GDPR Training
GDPR Briefings
GDPR Healthcheck
GDPR Data and Purpose Review and Remediation
GDPR Notifications Review and Remediation
GDPR Data Subject Rights Review and Remediation
EPA - Financial and Criminal Risk Quantification
Partnering with gdpr360 as a reseller or white-labelling your services
other ...

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