GDPR engagement of 30+ additional jurisdictions – automated pleadings

Abstract: (1) The GDPR arguably, either directly or indirectly, could engage in a relatively straightforward fashion circa 30 jurisdictions apart from EU and EEA nations; plus some special jurisdictions such as places in northwest Africa, as implied by the Polisario jurisprudence. Pleadings for several such jurisdictional scenarios are explained. (2) My post on Brexit-proofing software contained an example of how jurisdictions might be embedded into a legal architecture artefact. That same example is reused to demonstrate how such pleadings can [...]


Brexit-proofing software – without programming for specific dates, jurisdictions, etc

Abstract: Simple methods to inoculate data protection (or any other) multi-jurisdictional software from Brexit and similar events, before their possibility can be known or even contemplated. International software blues A general problem for lawyers – and for all their clients dealing with multiple jurisdictions – is how to ensure seamless transition of processes and systems (IT and otherwise) between different jurisdictions, in which different legal systems apply and unpredictable new rules can come into effect at any moment and, in the [...]


Brexit: the gift that keeps on giving… And they thought it was all over!

The Three Knights are riding to the rescue! Or… is it.. the Three Stooges, or perhaps Sanchos, tilting at the windmills that seem to be spinning ever more rapidly? (yes, the GDPR does have a little dog in this race. But later…) As for my initial view? A plague on both their houses. The Three Knights do a good job, as does Professor Elliot in pointing out weaknesses. However, some of the good Professor’s key points seem a trifle theoretical and, if that is [...]