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Test-Datasets and EU Liability – mixed law/IT

Here is a modified version of a question I’m about to answer on Quora. Warning: as it says on the tin, this post is both law and IT. Don’t say you weren’t warned… Can copies of postcode, gender and age data be used in testing without violating the Data Protection Act or the GDPR? Such questions are becoming more and more frequent, as people begin to panic with the realization that two decades of previously unlawful behavior is now going to [...]


Brexit: the gift that keeps on giving… And they thought it was all over!

The Three Knights are riding to the rescue! Or… is it.. the Three Stooges, or perhaps Sanchos, tilting at the windmills that seem to be spinning ever more rapidly? (yes, the GDPR does have a little dog in this race. But later…) As for my initial view? A plague on both their houses. The Three Knights do a good job, as does Professor Elliot in pointing out weaknesses. However, some of the good Professor’s key points seem a trifle theoretical and, if that is [...]